3" x 5" x 0.090" Quartz Plate

3 x 5 x .090 inch
75.0 x 126.6 x 2.3mm

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This product is a photomask blank plate, recycled from our prodution process. They can be used for many different products. Each plate will be plain glass (no pattern, no coating) which we refer to as "Strip and Ship". This means that the coatings and resist are stripped away and etched off. The plate undergoes a basic clean, and then is sent direct to the customer. If the quantity selected is greater than 5, then they are packaged in a single box that has multiple slots to hold the plates.

Stock is dependant upon availability at the time.




Soda Lime Glass is the most common substrate used for masks, due to its good quality/price ratio. The glass is optically good, very flat and has no imperfections. If used in a photo-lithographic process, glass can be used with a very wide variety of light sources from 350nm upwards, with an excellent UV transparency. Soda Lime glass has a thermal co-efficient expansion of 93 (10-7) which is approxomately 10 ppm (parts per million) , and a transmittance value of 88% at 375-450nm, with a glass flatness class of 5um for the smaller plates and 10um for the larger plates. Some of the very big plates of 14" and above, may have a bigger flatness tolerance. We would recomend always using Soda Lime glass where it is suitable.


  • Soda Lime Optical transmission of visible light = 88%

  • Soda Lime Optical transmission of visible light = 250nm

  • Soda Lime thermal expansion co-efficient =  95 ppm (parts per million)






Q: How clean are the plates ? 
A: The plates will be given a basic clean in IPA followed by a clean/rinse in DI water. They will not be cleanroom packaged, so further cleaning may be required upon receiving them.

Q: Can i buy just one ? 
A: Sorry, packaging requirements means that we can only sell the plates in larger quantities of either a full, or half , box.

Q: Can i order anytime from stock ?
A: Because these are recycled products from our production process, they may not always be available. Please enquire first if your need is urgent.