5" Quartz Photomask Blank

Chrome OD3 Photomask Blank
5" x 5"  (L x W x D)
Quartz , AZ1500 @ 5300A


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5" Quartz Photomask Blank is available to buy in increments of 5


Soda lime, quartz, borofloat, borosilicate, White Crown, Corning, and B270 are just a few of the substrate materials offered. While all standard square sizes are available, custom sizes can also be cut, beveled (seamed), cleaned and prepared for metallization.

Photo resist coating is available for all standard, and most custom, size substrates. Spinning is the method used to apply the photo resist. Photo resist coatings used are AZ1518 and AZ TFP650 both are available in thicknesses of 5300A and 10,000A.

This product is a photomask blank a plane of soda lime glass lapped and polished, then coated with Low Reflective OD3 chrome, and further coated with AZ1500 photoresist @ 5300A thickness.

Stock is dependant upon availability at the time.




Quartz Glass is manufactured by melting naturally occurring high purity quartz sand at approximately 2000 °C,  either electrically fused or flame fused. Fused quartz is normally transparent. The optical and thermal properties of fused quartz are superior to those of other types of glass due to the purity of quartz. Due to these properties, quartz is used in markets such as semiconductor fabrication and laboratory equipment. It has better ultraviolet transmission than other glasses, making it ideal for use in lenses and other optical devices. The purity demanded is a SiO2 content of >99.995%. A number of unique optical, chemical, mechanical, electrical and thermal properties have made quartz glass an indispensable material in the fabrication of high-tech products.


  • Quartz Optical transmission of visible light = 95%

  • Quartz Optical transmission of visible light = 250nm

  • Quartz thermal expansion co-efficient =  4.5 ppm (parts per million)






Q: Can i buy just one ? 

A: Sorry, packaging requirements means that we can only sell the plates in larger quantities of either a full, or half , box.

Q: Can i order anytime from stock ?
A: Because these are low volume products from our production process, they may not always be available. Please enquire first if your need is urgent.