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Data processing
Bitmap Graphics per LAYER

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Data processing from Bitmap Graphics per one export file


CAD Conversions - Fast, Accurate, Flexible

Our CAD Conversion Service provides a surprisingly low-cost, highly accurate conversion service for small projects or exceptionally large ones. Files are converted by hand to your chosen formats based on the exact standards you provide. This item is for the conversion either from - or to - a graphical bitmap file into other suitable formats.

"I've got to have this drawing yesterday!"

Project deadlines are always too close. Smart project managers use our CAD Conversion Services to get all the converted CAD files as soon as the project starts. If your project deadline is staring you in the face right now, we have the resources necessary to push your drawings through the line fast!

"How does it Work?"

Simply email the instructionss along with your data files, and we will return the converted files to you according to your requirements

Secure your databases ! 

An added security feature of our Service Bureau is that complete copies of all jobs processed are stored on-site for a minimum of five years. If a disk is accidentally erased or misplaced, for a small fee our technicians will immediately send you another copy of your completed job together with all documentation

Please call today to find out how our Service Bureau can help your drawing office.

Where the ‘from’ layer is parsed into more than one ‘to’ layer, then the second and subsequent layers will be charged at 50% of the first one. Data is returned by email, usually within 24 hours although where conversions are urgent we may be able to respond immediately. If data is required on disk/CD, then a £10 delivery charge will be added to the cost.

Prices quoted are estimates only. Sometimes a large amount of extra processing will be required to handle problematic files that are not drawn correctly. We will always notify you beforehand of any extra changes. 

Products Offered

  • CAD Conversions
  • Drawing Scanning
  • Data Manipulation

Formats Include

  • AutoCAD DXF
  • Gerber
  • GDSii
  • Postscript / Images
  • CIF, BDF, IED3
  • PCB Databases

Selling Points 

  • Fastest Turnround
  • Low Cost
  • Easy Ordering System