ScanCAD’s advanced scanning and software technologies has been used for process management, inspection and data creation in the electronics, photo chemical machining, semiconductor, solar, fuel cell and textile industries.
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  • PCB Assembly
    Automated inspection for all stages of PCB assembly - bare board, glue dot, solder paste, screens, loaded board, skip marks, components etc
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  • PCB Design & Fab
    Full inspection solutions, and CAD reverse engineering, for bare board PCB's and flat panel etched components. Inspects films, artworks, screens
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  • Microcircuits & Semicon
    Inspection systems for HTCC/LTCC, screens, circuits, films, wire bond, ball & bump and many other applications involved with the microcircui
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  • Stencils & Screens
    100% automatic inspection of stencils and screens after fabrication and/or cleaning. Inspect against golden board or certified CAD, and print yo
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