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The Idealine™ range of films offer excellent line edge acuity for optimal image transfer to photoresists. With a dimensionally stable structure that reduces registration errors the film also incorporates a scratch and abrasion resistant double overcoat which reduces handling defects and extend phototool life. This is the Ideal film if you need outstanding process latitude and exceptional line width control. They yield excellent results in Idealine and rapid access processing. Thickness of the polyester base: 0.18 mm (.007”). The films are used for high quality work in the PCB industry, chemical milling and for cartographic and industrial applications with high demands for image quality, scratch resistance and dimensional stability.

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  1. RPF Film 41
  2. HPF Film 7
  3. CPF Film 5
  4. OPF Film 16


  • RPF Film
    Idealine RPF is a red-sensitive line film, part of the Idealine range of films, manufactured by Agfa. It is especially designed for ultra-short
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  • HPF Film
    Idealine HPF is a red-sensitive, High Resolution line film. It is especially designed for ultra-short exposure times (microseconds) in photoplot
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  • CPF Film
    Idealine CPF is a U.V.-sensitive contact film, suitable for making working copies for printed circuits as well as for cartographic and reprograp
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  • OPF Film
    Idealine OPF is a green-blue-sensitive line film. It is especially designed for ultra-short exposure times (microseconds) in photoplotters with
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