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Dicing of components
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Our dicing service is the most accurate cutting of components, and is ideal for larger quantities or smaller components. The component is arrayed on a larger master plate, usually with a 0.25mm gap between components, and the dicing blade is aligned to special fiducial marks that are added to the plate pattern. Normally, the plate is cut from the top surface only but in special cicumstances it may be diced from both the top AND bottom surfaces to avaoid chipping along edges. 


  • Materials:  All materials
  • Normal Size Tolerance: +/ 0.05mm
  • Smallest Component: 5mm
  • Edges: untouched
  • Maximum Master Plate Size: 7" x 7"
  • Shapes: Squares - Rectangles
  • Production Delay: 2 weeks




Diced and left on tape

Diced and left on tape, supplied with carrier

The plate is stuck to a medium tack tape which has a sticky,  low residue surface which the plate placed onto whilst dicing.... and then the whole plate is supplied back for you to peel off the components manually from the tape backing (please ask if you would like a copy of our video showing the process)


Tray with compartments for components

Trays with individual compartments

As an alternative, the plate can be further processed by pick and place machine to remove them from the tape backing and place them into individual compartments in trays. These are placed on soft tissue and individual trays can be stacked together to held the componetns in place. Each tray holds 25 components.