Dimensional Stability Calculator

To find out the amount of dimensional change that will occur, please enter your own environmental conditions along with the overall size of the dimension that concerns you. As a general rule, glass based patterns are much more stable than film ones as they have less movement in temperature and are not susceptible to humidity. You may enter sizes in any units you prefer.

Dimension to Check
More Info? Enter the overall length of the dimension that you wish to calculate. Use either MM's or Mils for units.
Your Temperature
More Info? Enter here the current temperature of the room.
Your Humidity
More Info? Enter the current humidity of the room.


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Change Qtz GLASS

This handy calculator will give the dimensional changes expected of film and glass based patterns dependent upon your current room temperature and humidity . We process in a tightly controlled environment of 21degC and 50% Humidity. If your conditions differ from these, then the pattern will increase or decrease in size. We can apply data scaling prior to manufacture if you have controlled environments that differ to ours.

Please contact us if you wish to have further information on dimensional stability of materials.