Film Hole Punched Pair

A PAIR of Punched holes in film.
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Film Punch

We have the ability to add very accurate punched holes to our films after manufacturing.

This is carried out on an optical registration system, using high magnification alignment. The films are imaged with a target – a simple solid round circle – to which the punch is optically aligned and then a hole cleanly punched through the film. Adding 2 holes on the same axis will then allow the film to be aligned to devices that have pins fitted to them.

Where multiple films are punched, this allows very accurate registration between the films when they are placed back-to-back. This is an ideal method for aligning films where double sided etching is used.

The punched holes must be within a certain distance of the edge of the film - this is due to the "throat" size of the film punch. However, the distance between holes have no limitations.

Adding a quantity of 1 products to your basket will give you 2 punched holes in a film.

Hole Size: 6mm (0.236")
Target Size: 6.030mm
Max Throat: 200 mm (8")

Hole Size: 4.74mm (0.1875")
Target Size: 4.76mm
Max Throat: 100 mm (4")