P-FIX fixer

P-Fix Fixer
4 x 5 lrts concentrate solution

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PFIX is a rapid access fixer designed specifically for use with Agfa phototooling films. It is supplied as a one-part concentrate that is diluted with water for use.

PDEV is designed for use as a photographic developer for silver halide films used as artwork in all phases of the production of printed circuit boards and photo-etching panels.


• High dilution ratio results in lower costs.
• Contains no boron resulting in a more environmentally conscious operation.
• Cleanroom-compatible packaging to help maintain a cleaner work environment and reduce dirt related defects.

PFIX is supplied in 5 liter plastic bottles. A case contains 4 bottles that make a total of 100 L of working strength developer.

Add 4 bottles (20 L) of water to each bottle (5 L) of developer concentrate to make a working solution that can be used for filling both the processor tank and the replenishment tank.

Optimum processing conditions will vary depending on the film to be processed. Check the Technical Data Sheet for the particular film that you are using for recommendations.

The following replenishment rates are recommended for the average user processing film that is 50% black:

  • Film use: 500 ml/m² (23 cc/ft²)
  • Oxidation: 500 ml/day (83 cc/hour)


This product contains components that may be hazardous. Please read the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) before
using it. Idealine is a trademark of Agfa-Gevaert N.V., Belgium 


Agfa Film from JD-PhotoData


Form : Liquid
Colour : Colourless
Odour : Nearly odourless

Important Health Safety and Environmental Information

  • Vapour pressure (20 °C) : 23,00 hPa
  • Relative density (20 °C) : 1,334
  • Solubility/qualitative : Miscible with water at all ratios.
  • pH (25 °C) : 5,3
  • Melting point/range : < 0 °C
  • Boiling point/range : > 100 °C
  • Relative vapour density : Not applicable
  • Ignition temperature : Not applicable
  • Lower explosion limit : Not applicable
  • Upper explosion limit : Not applicable


Q: How important is the dilution ratio?

A: Whilst you must take care to get the dilution rates correct, you dont need to measure them down to the millilitre. Most users will use the empty 5ltr DEV container to roughtly meaure out 5ltrs of water.

Q: I can smell amonia? What does that mean ?

A: When developer and fixer contaminate each other, an amonia smell is given off. If these contaminate inside the film processor, it's best to drop the chemisty, clean out the tanks, and re-fill with new solution. Fixer contaminates in the developer section will "kill off" the dev and stop it from working.