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We provide HIGH RESOLUTION, LOW RESOLUTION and LARGE FORMAT flexible film Photo-tools and provide the most comprehensive film photomask service in the World. We have invested in the largest, fastest, highest resolution photo-tooling equipment available, achieving the best possible image quality and accuracy in the market today. JD Photo Data produces sharp, high-quality, accurate images that YOU CAN DEPEND ON! Please see individual product details for full specifications and descriptions. We are happy to provide bespoke quotations for ‘non-standard’ products as well as standard film photomasks. Please contact us with your requirements.

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  • High Resolution
    Our "HIGH RESOLUTION" flexible film photomasks consists of a 0.18mm polyester PET base with a soft photographic emulsion gel. When exposed and d
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  • Low Resolution
    Our LOW RESOLUTION phototool services are ideal for graphics and PCB type applications. We have probably the most comprehensive service in the W
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