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Low Resolution

Our LOW RESOLUTION phototool services are ideal for graphics and PCB type applications. We have probably the most comprehensive service in the World, with continued investment in the biggest, fastest and highest resolution photo-tooling equipment. No matter what the application, achieving the best possible image quality and accuracy is critical because it affects the quality of your final product. Without excellent image quality and accuracy, you can’t operate efficiently and productively. That is why our photo-tools provide sharp, high-quality, accurate images that YOU CAN DEPEND ON ! Please see individual product details for full specifications and descriptions. We are happy to provide bespoke quotations for non standard products. Please contact us with your requirements.

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  1. 22" x 28" Photo-Tool, 20k dpi

    9" x 12" Photo-Tool

    Film Size:      9" x 12"         -  228mm x 305mm
    Image size: 8.6" x 11.6"  -  218mm x 295mm

  2. 18" x 24" Photo-Tool, 20k dpi

    12" x 18" Photo-Tool

    Film Size..... 12" x 18"  -  305mm x 457mm
    Image Size..11.6" x17.6"  -  295mm x 447mm

  3. 18" x 24" Photo-Tool, 20k dpi

    20" x 26" Photo-Tool

    Film Size..... 20" x 26"  -  508mm x 660mm
    Image Size..19.6" x25.6"  -  498mm x 650mm

  4. 28" x 32" Photo-Tool, 4k dpi

    28" x 32" Photo-Tool

    Film Size:     28" x 32"           -  710mm x 810mm
    Image Size: 27.4" x 31.89"   -  696mm x 810mm

4 Item(s)

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