PRE Verification / Inspection


Pre-processing a design through CAD software and getting it ready for mask writing can sometimes be a complex process.

If Design Rule Guides haven’t been followed exactly, there can be a number of areas that need fixing and tidying up before the mask can successfully be written.

There is also sometimes quite a lot of ambiguity as to what the final design should look like – especially where there are multiple dark/clear composite layers to build.

To improve the quality of the final layout of the mask, we have implemented a method of giving the customer a visual copy of the design for verification before the mask is written, which we call “Checkplot Stage”.

When a mask design is submitted, you have the option to select on the order form 2 different types of checkplots, either a lower resolution ‘PDF Checkplot”, or a CAD based checkplot called “high resolution CAD”.

For further information on Checkplots, click here…