Inkjet Printed Checkerboard Target

Printed Checkerboard Target
Aluminium Composite Board

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All of our printed charts are imaged and printed using the latest high-tech Drop-on-demand Micro Piezo Inkjet Technology


Aluminium composite panels , also known by the brand name Dibond, are a high-quality sheet material that combines two materials in one panel – a polythene core and an aluminium polyester varnish. The combination of aluminium and the polythene core creates a practical and lightweight material. It is rustproof, rot-proof, waterproof, and chemically resistant. The sheets are 3mm thick.




We can write masks at 2 different resolutions. The resolution will affect the sharpness of the edges of the lines, so patterns with smaller features are best used with higher resolutions.

High :   using a Drop Mass of 3.7pl (pico litres)  this is much higher resolution than standard printing technlogy, and can resolve features as small as 0.5mm, with edge roughness of 0.06mm

Standard :   Drop Mass of 10pl (pico litres) This is standard resolution and can resolve features at 2mm with an edge roughness of 0.2mm



Unlike our competitors, we provide accuracy data of our ptinted charts, and can even supply them with measurement certificates. 

Individual Feature Sizes:   +/- 0.2mm  (HIGH)      +/- 0.4mm (Standard)
Overall Chart Size:            +/- 0.5mm  (HIGH)      +/- 1.0mm (Standard)
Feature Pitch:                   +/- 0.1mm  (HIGH)      +/- 0.2mm (Standard)
Edge Roughness:              +/- 0.06mm (HIGH)      +/- 0.2mm (Standard)


Standard :   We firstly inspect the piece by eye for flaws, design inaccuracies and contaminations. We also inspect a test coupon (placed in the bottom corner of the mask) for line width accuracy and edge definition. Next we measure the overall dimension of the mask, and record both of these measurements on our internal inspection records. Finally, we find the CD of the mask, measure that, record it, and also take a digital photo that is saved with the inspection log. We use Nikon MM40 at 900x magnification and an OGP ZIP 300 at 400 x magnifications for this.

Certificate of Conformance:   In addition to the standard inspection process described above, we will then document them via a Certificate of Conformance which we supply with the mask. Tolerances are per our standard tolerances.

Measurement Certificate :   By selecting this option during the ordering process, in addition to the standard inspection, we will also provide a certificate with certified measurements of the extents of the chart, a single feature on the chart, and a measured pitch of a feature on the chart.



Please see the TECHNICAL sections, DOWNLOAD sections and FAQ for further information. If you still require clarification, please either email or click for LIVE SUPPORT.







+/- 0.2mm Dimensionally
with 0.06mm edge roughness


+/- 0.4mm Dimensionally
with 0.2mm edge roughness









+/- 0.5mm overall dimensions
with +/- 0.1mm pitch


+/- 1.0mm overall dimensions
with +/- 0.2mm pitch








Q: How accurate are the features, what tolerances do you work to ? 
A: This is dependant upon the resolution that we image the photomask at. The QUICK REFERENCE brochure in the DOWNLOADS section will give you a chart, specifying both feature and dimensional tolerances.

Q: What resolution should i pick ? 
A: The higher the resolution, then the sharper the edges of the features, the smaller the features possible, the more accurate the features will be, the sharper the corners in of the features, and also the smoother the circles. Some customers will notice this difference straight away, some will hardly notice any difference. Every customer has different requirements and different priorities. If in doubt, chose a higher resolution to ensure your requirements are met, but we are happy to advise if you send us your design.