Compact Case 6" x 6"

Compact Photomask Case
to fit 6" x 6" plate

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PM Series photomask Cases

The PM series packages provide secure environments for non-pellicle photomasks. Features include: living hinge, high impact strength, stackable, easy open and close, and excellent access for insertion or removal of masks. Available in transparent polypropylene, and a dissipative thermoplastic polymer blended with polypropylene. Clean room manufactured and packaged.

Minimum Purchase Quantity: 2 pieces

to fit 6" x 6" 
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  • Polypropylene

  • Compact & Stackable

  • Minimal Contact

  • Easy Open & Close

  • Securely Positions & Protects One Photomask

  • Transparent Anti-Static

  • Clean Room Manufactured






Q: How clean are the cases? 
A: The cases are manufactured and packaged in a cleanroom environment.

Q: Can i buy just one ? 
A: Sorry, packaging requirements means that we can only sell the plates in larger quantities of a minimum of 5 peices.

Q: Can i order anytime from stock ?
A: Yes, these are stocked products that we alays carry.