ScanCAD 12 month Support Contract

ScanCAD Support package
12 Months cover


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ScanCAD 12 month support subscription


Keep up-to-date with your software - get the very best customer support - and get a helping hand to support you when you need it most !  No call centres, no automated phone systems, just a straight forward call direct to one of our engineers who can help you find the information you are lookng for.

ScanCAD support contracts run on 12 monthly subscription basis. You are covered for the follwoing...

  • Technical Support from JD Photo-Data and ScanCAD via Telephone, Fax, Email.
  • Yearly product updates available upon renewal.
  • Upgrades from one product to another with a trade-in against your current system.
  • Have your requests for enhancements added to the 'Wish-List'.
  • Testing and reporting against any problem files you may have.


One Year Maintenance Agreement may be purchased. Agreements taken out within 12 months will run concurrent to the expiry date of the initial agreement.

A support contract covers technical support via phone, fax and email and entitles the user to software upgdates upon renewal. We normally provide support to the person named in the software registration.


If you do not renew your software support after it expires you will no longer be able to obtain program updates nor will we test any problem files. You will not be able to purchase additional licenses at a discount. You will not be able to ’trade in' your current product as an upgrade.

Late Renewal
If you do not renew your software support contract on time and then wish to renew it at a later date you, will be billed for additional support if the contract is the product has moved on by 1 major release.