University Customers

To claim your Special University Discount rates, please register on our system, add your University name along with delivery and invoice address, and then send us your registered email addresss. We will then configure our systems to automatically add your discount to the relevant product lines. Save between 10 - 50% !!

JD Photo Data are keen to support the excellent, cutting edge development into many varied fields of expertise that our universities across the world are currently engaged in.

A large percentage of our customers are University based:- departments such as Electronic Engineering, MEMS, Optics, BioMED, Astronomy, Chemistry, Physics etc etc. The list is varied and diverse - and these are spilt across many nations and continents (more than 20 different countries - more than 100+  universities - with customers from MIT, CAL-TECH, Oxford, UCL, TUHH)

Why are we so popular with these Universities? Well, it comes right back down to 'it's all about service'. We know that this might be the first mask you've had to order, we understand that the terminology may be different, we also understand that it's sometimes a difficult process raising orders and getting quotes through the University systems.

So, we are here to help ! No condescending or patronizing voices, no obstacles thrown in your way, and no excessive surcharges when you need help with your first CAD layout. Just simple, efficient, friendly advice and help. And we mean it !

So what do we get out of this? Well, we hope you receive an outstanding service, an unbeatable price and the fastest delivery possible. Then, when you've moved on and began your career, we hope that you'll remember who we are and continue to partner with us throughout a successful and long career.

The company can offer:

Discounts of certain product lines

Acceptance of Purchase Orders without the need for credit applications.

Fast, easy order processing without excessive bureaucracy

"Hand-holding" on your first CAD designs, giving help and advice where necessary.