WH04 White Inkjet Ink

DiPaMat Legend Ink Wh 04
1.8 LTRS  (2 x 0,9 L)

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DiPaMat Legend Ink Wh 04 is a non toxic, highly opaque white UV-curable legend, marking and nomenclature ink. WH04 is the fourth generation of this ink.

The ink is designed for application on both semi- and fully cured solder mask by means of inkjet technology and is curable with LED.


  • High opacity white ink and non yellowing
  • Fast UV curing with doped, non-doped Hg bulb and other UV lamp types
  • Fast UV curing with LED (395nm, 385nm and 365nm)
  • Excellent jetting performance and robustness on industrial print heads
  • Excellent image quality
  • Excellent adhesion and hardness to both semi and fully cured solder mask
  • Low sedimentation behaviour with high recovery power
  • Non toxic
  • Good shelf life
  • ROHS and REACH compliant; halogen free
  • No volatile organic components


This product contains components that may be hazardous. Please read the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) before
using it. Idealine is a trademark of Agfa-Gevaert N.V., Belgium 

Agfa Film from JD-PhotoData


  • Color: Bright White
  • Static Surface Tension: 21.0 – 24.0 mN/m @ 25°C (Krüss K9 Tensiometer)
  • Density (25°C): 1.192 g/cm³ (Paar DM60/DMA602)
  • Viscosity : 9.0 – 11.0 mPa.s (45°C @ shear rate 1000 s-1 Haake Rotovisco 1)
  • Dynamic viscosity (AR2000 Rheometer)



  • Suitable in printing systems equipped with industrial piezo print heads
  • Typical printing mode for DiPaMat Legend inks includes :
  • Jetting temperature : broad window, typical jetting at 38¢XC to 45¢XC
  • Printing mode : suited for binary printing and grey scale printing, for single pass printing and multi pass printing
  • Opacity depends on drop volume applied

Important note: These settings are shown as example. The operation mode is not limited to these settings. Furthermore, the printing mode depends on the choice of the substrate, printing resolution, etc.

DiPaMat Legend Ink Wh 04 is tested and approved by these printer manufactures:

  • Microcraft 
  • Orbotech 
  • First EIE 
  • KLG Machinen
  • HiPrint
  • Wingate

Please contact us if your manufacturer is not in this list.


DiPaMat Legend Ink Wh 04 ink can be cured by both LED¡¦s and Hg Lamps:

  • Suitable to cure with LED 395 nm, 385 nm and 365 nm. One pass of curing with 4 W 395 nm LED with 20 m/min velocity is sufficient to cure a 10 £gm layer.
  • When exposed to a non doped mercury lamp (H-bulb) ¡V up to speeds more than 70 m/min.
  • Suitable to cure when exposed to one iron-doped mercury lamp (D-bulb) of 600 W/inch up to printing speeds of 50 m/min.
  • Suitable to cure with metal halide UV lamp (A-bulb).
  • Thermal cure: 150¢XC for 20 min to 60 min.



Q. Can i use this ink in my machine?
A. Probably, yes. We already have a wide range of appovals from the biggest machine and head manufacturers, and this list is growing. Please ask if unsure.


Q. When swapping inks, do i need to clean my system?
A. It is advisable to clean the system out whenever swapping inks. We have special products to help with this.


Q. Do you manufacture other colours?
A. Yes, we have many other colours in development at the moment. Please email for availability


Q. Do you manufacture inks for Solder Masks ?
A. Yes, these are in development and should be ready for release soon. Please email for availability.