White Diffusing Glass is ideal for creating even illumination as an attenuator or as a viewing screen.

It is a semi-opaque diffuser designed to create even illumination profiles. Unlike alternative materials, which create their diffusive properties through a coating or lamination process, the White Diffusing Glass is a solid diffuse soda lime glass material, allowing it to be used in any orientation.

Because the surfaces are polished, the reflected light will be somewhat specular, while the transmitted light will be near-Lambertian. Many customers combine this product with an optional Anti Glare coating that can be applied over the top surface.



Wavelengths in the visible spectrum will be fully diffused by White Diffusing Glass, and when the wavelength increases upto 1000nm, the intensity of the scattered light will decrease while the intensity of transmission will increase , and as such longer wavelengths over 1000nm will begin to transmit some light un diffused.

This material is only available in 1.25mm thickness, and it is generally supplied in sheets either 100mm square or 200mm square, which can be further cut down to smaller sizes if required.