Over 30 years of service

Photo Data is a business built on service. Indeed service has been at the core of the business since it first began supplying photography to the electronics industry more than thirty years ago. In those thirty years, we have developed from providing a traditional photographic service for the printed circuit industry, to providing high quality photo-tools from the latest CAD systems using state-of-the-art plotting technology.

Along the way, we have been able to add complementary services, which allow our clients to benefit further from the service philosophy promoted within the company

It's All About Service

Our staff members are not only highly trained in their respective fields, but are all acutely aware of the importance of Photo Data’s service philosophy. This combines a desire to delight the customer with a friendly ‘can-do’ attitude.

Whether it is because of the regular on-time deliveries, the highly skilled technical support, or the approach of the motivated positive staff, Photo Data’s customer loyalty confirms that our business is customer driven !


In 2005, Photo Data acquired the manufacturing business of JD Photo-Tools - one of europe's leading suppliers of photomask services to the MEMS and BioMed Industries. 

Established since 1988, JD Photo-Tools share the same service philosophy as Photo Data :- customer service, flexibility, with speed of response and dedication to customer requirements.

The acquisition of JD Photo-Tools further strengthened the companies position in the marketplace, and expanded the services to include High Resolution photoplotting and Photomasks.

Get in Touch

We are a customer driven organisation. We'd love to hear from you - comments, praise - or critisicm - all of your thoughts will be taken on board so please get ion touch.


Glenn Swanton, Managing Director

Glenn Swanton

Managing Director