How To Order

Finding a Product

  1. Sign in – or create – an account on our website. Enter all of the contact details along with phone and email numbers where we can contact you for further information if needed.
  2. Search through the website for the products that you require.
  3. You can find additional information, technical specs, FAQ’s and even product downloads on the detail tabs.
  4. Choose the options you require for your product.
  5. Add any comments or notes concerning the product. Don’t worry, you will have chance to make notes concerning the total quote request at a later stage.
  6. Select the quantity, and add the product to Quote. If you wish to add more products to the quote stage, then please click “CONTINUE SHOPPING” and browse for further products, adding them to quote as required.

Uploading Data

To upload any data files, please click HERE. This will take you to our file upload section.

  1. In the message section, please add any notes to help us assign the data (such as giving us the Quote number, or the Order Confirmation number, or even your own CAD file name or Purchase Order - anything that will help us to assign the upload to the correct job )

The Payment Stage


    The majority of our customers use aCredit Account (Purchase Order), whereby they place orders on us to manufacture the goods, and we then invoice the goods when they are dispatched. Credit Accounts are not given automatically unless you are an official government department, educational facility or other official body- allother companies must apply for one, and it must be approved by our underwriters. You will be given a pre-defined period (normally 30 days) to pay the invoice. Whenever this method is being used, the order MUST be accompanied by an official ‘purchase order’ from your company or organisation. Most of our customers begin by requesting a quote for their products by using the “add to quote” method. This will return an official quote which can be given to your purchasing department, enabling them to raise the Purchase Order simply and quickly.

    We invoice at the same time as shipping, by default in UK £ sterling although the invoice may also show an approximate conversion in your chosen currency. This is for your convenience only – note that the base currency will always be UK £ sterling. We expect payment of invoices within 30 days of the end of the invoicemonth.

    Most large companies and government departments prefer this method because it reduces paperwork and reduces the risk of delays to the order. Card payments also work very well with international currencies, because the rate is set the time the payment is made, therefore avoiding fluctuations in currency exchange. All of our payments by card are handled by Sage PAY and will be taken at the time of order in £ Sterling currency...

    You will receive by email a confirmation of payment and a copy receipt.

    Quite often we find that start-up companies and newer organisations prefer to pay by cheque, which has many advantages when it comes to budgeting and finance planning (you only spend what you've got!). If possible, place a copy of the purchase order, or pro-forma invoice, or a job number with the cheque which will help us to match the money to the goods. Cheques must be made out to “Photodata Test Services Ltd”

    We can send a pro-forma invoice to you before the goods are dispatched, and you can make payments for these goods by direct bank transfer. The account details will be on the invoice if you choose this method. We have 3 different currency accounts - £ Sterling / € Euros and $ US dollars

    For those business’ that use PayPal, we have the ability to take PayPal payments for your products.


During the checkout stage, you have to decide how the products will be paid for.

Most of our customers have an invoice account. If you wish to be invoiced for the goods, for payment later, please select the PURCHASE ORDER / INVOICE option and ensure that you enter the purchase order number here.

Alternatively, you may prefer to speed up the process and pay by CREDIT CARD

We also accept payment by Pro Forma, or by Cheque, and even PayPal as alternative payment method.

Next, you will be given chance to review the order before placing it. You will receive a copy of the order by email – please check the details carefully and inform us immediately of any problems.

Finally, you have the option to upload files to accompany the order. For certain products, these will be design or CAD files, or you may wish to use this method to send us your Purchase Order or specifications and documents.

Once we have received and reviewed the order, if it is for an imaged product - then our engineers will begin processing the data and will send you a checkplot for confirmation before we begin the manufacturing process.

If you need help at any time, simply click the “Live Support button for one of our engineers or sales staff.


"Please click on each section above to learn about the different ordering stages. If at any time you need help, please use the “live support” button to speak directly to one of our support staff."