From conversions of data formats, to creating engineering drawings and data preparation for manufacture, we are ready and on-hand to help with a fast and efficient service. UK agents for GerbTool, VisualCAM, ScanCAD and LinkCAD help us provide a comprehensive service.

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  • ScanCAD
    ScanCAD’s advanced scanning and software technologies has been used for process management, inspection and data creation in the electronics, p
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  • Conversions
    CAD Conversion service
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  • Linkcad
    LinkCAD is the most robust and powerful CAD translator available and supports a wide range of file formats. It features a very intuitive user
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  • Measuring Services
    We have full measuring capabilities in both of our inspection departments, with calibrated equipment covering a full range of services. We use O
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  • GerbTool-VisualCAM
    GerbTool & VisualCAM are a robust suite of PCB and Etching CAM tooling and analysis software. From basic visual verification to powerful Des
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