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Vision Calibration Charts

Imaged optical components, sometimes with intricate shapes, can be manufactured for industries that use graticules, reticles, encoders, apertures, scales, disks, slides, laser ablation.... the list is endless. If your requirement is for an optical component, on a flat base with an image or pattern applied to it, then we can help. We have a small range of standard test targets and micrometres that are ready for purchase from stock with various patterns- for many varied applications. We also specialise in a custom manufacturing service starting at single units with specialised materials, shapes, patterns and coatings at exceptional prices. Please see individual product details for full specifications and descriptions, and we are happy to provide bespoke quotations for non standard products.

  • Resolution Targets

    Resolution Targets

    Our resolution test targets are widely used to measure the resolution of imaging and vision systems. The patterns are tightly controlled and ver
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  • Distortion Targets

    Distortion Targets

    A collection of patterns that are used for the analysis of vision systems. Our distortion test targets include multi-frequency grids, or distor
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  • Calibration Targets

    Calibration Targets

    Highly accurate patterns for the calibration of measurement equipment, and the calibration of exposure for imaging and vision systems.
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  • Custom Made Targets

    Custom Made Targets

    We specialise in a custom manufacturing service  - starting at single units - on a wide variety of materials. if you choose our standard sizes
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  • Special Materials

    Special Materials

    We are happy to provide products with non standard materials and coatings, such as Aluminium, Gold, Black Chrome, Opal Glass, Borofloat  etc. C
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  • Packaging


    We have a small selection of photomask and glass plate storage boxes and cases. These are available for either single plate use, or multi-plate
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