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Best Customer Service


"thank you very much for a prompt reply..... I am really impressed by the quality of work that you do and more importantly with the customer service you provide."
Arun, Georgia Tech , USA

"I would like to say a big “THANK YOU” .....for the support and assistance you provided us over the weekend.Time and time again, you have been given priority orders and have delivered on every occasion and I am very grateful for this support.”
Lee, Scotland

Fastest Response Times


"..thank you very much for your quick reply...just as i wanted it. Your company is marvellous !"
Matthias, Potsdam, Germany

"Many thanks for the quick filmwork delivery - can't believe it only took 2 hours from email to being on my desk!! "
Carl, Danielson Europe

Low Cost Principals


I must say that we are very impressed by the quality... I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who grudgingly pay e-beam prices... If we can spread the word we will. ."
Dave Gray, UK

I received the masks this morning and they look great, I was really impressed by your quick turnaround time andvalue that you offer, if I need any more masks in the future I will definitely use your excellent service!
Ruth Mackay, University of Dundee

Best Technical Support


"...thanks for helping me rule out problems with the mask design..... As in the past, the service of jdphoto has beenexcellent..."
Craig, University Of South Australia

I have always been impressed with the quality of knowledge and service that I have experienced from J D...
Andy Chiles, Cleveland Circuits, UK

Quality and Precision


"Mask arrived safely and is already being tested. All looks fine with it so thanks for the fast turnaround. We certainly cannot get this quality and speed of service elsewhere...."
Nadeem, Laser Micro Machining, Wales

".. the alignment is good and the patterns are correct. I was fully satisfied by the quality of your support and by the delivery! "
Robin, Grenoble, France

Our quality policy is available upon request.

We Go The Extra Mile


..many thanks for the plots received this morning - they are spot on ! .......thanks again for the excellent serviceand speedy turnaround- if only all our suppliers were like this !
John, Hewlett Packard , UK

“We have got the 1st shipment in hand now. Again, THANKS for going the extra mile on Friday to make this happen. :) “
Joey, USA