LinkCAD Network LITE 12 months Support

LINKCAD 12 months support contract

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LinkCAD 12 Months Support Package for Network LITE version

Single user system, windows based , node locked license.

With our e-mail and phone yearly support solutions,  you receive personalized help from technical support representatives who are dedicated to resolving your issues. We try to answer support questions within one working day. More complicated questions may require more time, but you will receive a response about the status of your question within one working day.

Before requesting e-mail support, please check our Knowledge Base for solutions to common problems.

E-mail support is free for the first year from the time of purchase and then must be purchased thereafter. Product upgrades are also included with the support contract, so you can always be using the latest version of LinkCAD.



Option: LinkCAD Gerber - provides the ability to import and export Gerber photoplotting files.

Option: LinkCAD GDS-TXT - allows the user to export a GDS-II text file in ASC-II text form that is in a tree structure for easy viewing with a text editor. Search and replace or just standard text editing can be made and then the edited text file can be imported into LinkCAD and converted back to GDS-II. A real time saver if just a few simple edits are needed.

Option: LinkCAD Edit - the ability to delete geometries from the database. This useful for removing geometries on the same layer that interfere with other geometries such as a boundary polygon that is on the same layer as other geometries that are inside of it.
This is an easy fix instead of going back to the original CAD system to make changes to the database.

Option: LinkCAD Simulation - allows interface from SAT 3D files to IE3D, Sonnet files and other 2D file formats.

Option: LinkCAD View - At any time during the conversion process, you can switch to the optional CAD viewer with a single mouse click. Use it to inspect the drawing, zoom, pan and measure distances. Highlight and quickly identify broken polygons before having LinkCAD repair them automatically. This universal CAD file viewer is extremely fast and even features hardware accelerated rendering

Option: LinkCAD Tools - Merge, subtract or intersect layers This standard tool performs boolean operations on any two drawing layers. The following operations are available: merge (OR), subtract, intersect (AND) and XOR

LinkCAD optionally provides several powerful tools:

  • Merge overlapping polygons  [merge]
  • Convert wires, circles and donuts to polygon outlines  [convert to outline]
  • Convert quasi-circles to circles  
  • Connect adjacent wire segments  [join wires]
  • Auto-detect holes using polygon de-embedding  [detect holes]
  • Merge, subtract or intersect layers