ScanFAB Reverse Engineering - AUX

ScanFAB AUX is a standalone auxillary module for ScanFAB. It allows full vectorisation and creation. It does not include a scanner nor data import

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What Is ScanFAB AUX?

ScanFAB AUX is an auxhillary stand alone, software only version of the popular ScanFAB system. It operates idenpendantl by opening folders that had been previously scanned by a full scanFAB system. Note that Scanfab AUX has no capabiolity for scanning nor image import. it has been developed where there is a necessity for one user to scan, one user to reverse engineer.




Automatic Features

ScanFAB AUX offers various functions to quickly and automatically "vectorize" the scanned image:


  •  Flash Pads (circular, square, oval, rectangle)
  •  Tracks (orthogonal/all angle)
  •  Silkscreen, Soldermak
  •  Copper Fill Areas/Ground & Power Planes
  •  Crosshatched Areas (90°/45°)
  •  Stencil Files
  •  Pads and tracks on grid
  •  Step & Repeat
  •  Drill & Route CNC data



Editing is performed in the Graphics Screen, a user-friendly editing environment. Using a combination of tool bars, "hot-keys" and menu-driven functions, the user is able to make corrections and modifications quickly and easily.


The multi-color display and multiple zoom levels allow selection of the most convenient editing environment.


Output Files


  •  Gerber files (274X or 274D)
  •  Comprehensive aperture tables
  •  Drill files: Excellon, Sieb & Meyer 
  •  Stencil files
  •  Soldermask, Padmaster, Silkscreen
  •  Circuit, Ground/Poweplane 
  •  PCX and TIFF
  •  Panelized images


Other Modules (Optional)


  •  Optional software modules to add component info and move data up to a schematic and also into CAD packages for re-design.
  •  Extract component info including component centroid, rotation, part number, package ID and reference designator. 
  •  Generate package footprint, pin numbering & netlist with industry standard outputs.
  •  Component centroid data (70+ machines)
  •  Create component vision library files
  •  Netlist generation
  •  Automatic Pin Numbering  
  •  Generate Schematic & PCB layout
  •  28,000+ Part Library
  •  Many CAD interfaces
  •  SPICE based simulator and thermal analyzer
  •  Electromagnetic Analyzer   (with Signal Integrity and   Field analyzer)




Worried about the quality of the finished CAD data? Use ScanFAB AUX  "check functions" to verify the quality and accuracy of the data:


  •  Verify layer-to-layer pad alignment
  •  Check Gerber image vs scanned image
  •  Check Gerber image vs another Gerber image
  •  Compare one scanned image to another
  •  Design rule check
  •  Highlight D Codes
  •  Delete "double-hit" pads
  •  Verify track & pad connections
  •  Check for potential shorts & opens

Why Use ScanFAB AUX?

  •  Necessity:   Create high quality CAD data for legacy products that is required for PCB fabrication, test and repair.
  •  Accuracy:   Extracted data is exact Form, Fit and Function, eliminating need to recertify & retest for compliance    ( UL, CE, etc.)
  •  Accuracy:   Eliminate errors caused by old hand digitizing, hand-taping or camera step and repeat methods.
  •  Accuracy:   Increase board quality by using internal check features.
  •  Security:     Prevent film/drawing deterioration by storing images in electronic format.











  •  Multi Core Processing - 3 GHz
  •  1 TB 7200 RPM HD, 8 - 16 GB RAM
  •  CD/DVD ROM - for archive purposes
  •  Flat Panel Monitor (17” or larger)
  •  Ethernet connection
  •  Windows 7 or 8, 64-Bit
  •  2 available USB ports - USB2 OR USB3

    *Recommended minimum requirements for customer-supplied PC.