Brexit Update

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Our quotes do not include VAT. (also known as IVA / TVA)  However, just like all normal sales - whether inside or outside of the EU - VAT has to be paid, in the same way that you have to pay VAT for a package purchased from a business in your same town and country. As a result of Brexit agreement on 1st January 2021 , the changes that have been made is that  shipments from the UK into EU member states, VAT for some EU member states,  is now due on import at the place of delivery . Note that as part of the Brexit agreement, there are NO DUTIES to be paid, only VAT - which has always been the case.

Most EU member states are allowing this VAT to be deferred – which is exactly the same as the way things used to happen before Brexit - this means that the VAT is not paid at the time of import, but instead, it is declared and re-imbursed as part of your normal VAT accounting procedures, and as such you should see very little difference on importing goods from the UK. However, there are a few member states that require payment at the import stage. If your country requires this, then you will receive an email from the shipping company (DHL, UPS FedEx etc) with information on how to pay the VAT, and that will need to be paid before the package is delivered.

Although VAT is applied, of course, if you are a VAT registered business (99.9% of our customers) then this VAT payment should be reimbursed to your company during your normal accounting procedures. Although it is a tax applied to the sale, it is fully re-imbursed and as such, does not constitute a change in the price that you finally pay for your products. The amount of VAT will be based on the standard rate of VAT used in your country.

Should you wish to use your own preferred courier for any future orders, we will be only too happy to accommodate this option. Note that using your own couriers will not remove the requirement for VAT, however, we believe that some courier companies are allowing their customers to defer the payment – and reimbursement - until a later date, so payment may not be required immediately using this method.

How to be prepared (if your country does not defer payments automatically)

  • Make your accounts payable department aware that the VAT is due at the point of delivery, and that they should have the payment ready
  • We will send you an email when your package ships. This will include a tracking number through which you can track the package. This should allow you to schedule the payment with your accounts department
  • Upon delivery, the freight company will expect payment of the VAT, plus service charges, from the receiver. If you do not have the payment ready, the item WILL NOT be delivered and may be returned to its place of origin

European countries (including Switzerland and Norway) using the deferral mechanism.

Country Available Info
Austria No
Belgium Yes Link
Bulgaria Yes with conditions Link
Croatia Yes
Cyprus No
Czech Republic Yes
Demnark Yes
Estonia Yes
Finland Yes
France Yes Link
Germany Yes with conditions Link
Greece Yes with conditions Link
Hungary Yes
Ireland Yes
Italy No
Latvia Yes
Lithuania Yes
Luxembourg Yes
Malta Yes
Netherlands Yes Link
Poland Yes Link
Portugal Yes Link
Romania Yes
Slovakia No
Slovenia No
Spain Yes Link
Sweden Yes
Switzerland Yes
Norway No


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