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High Resolution

Our "HIGH RESOLUTION" flexible film photomasks consists of a 0.18mm polyester PET base with a soft photographic emulsion gel. When exposed and developed, the emulsion turns black (OD >4.5) and the remainder of the unexposed area is washed out clear. This film is very flexible, but the emulsion layer is soft and can damage if not handled correctly. Typically, these masks are used by PCB manufacturers, chemical etchers, printers etc. and are lower resolution than glass masks. As well as the standard film photomask range, we have a new range of "PREMIER" resolutions which offer the highest resolution film photomasks in the world.

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  1. 7" x 7" x 0.120"   Chrome Photomask

    Custom Film Tool

    CUSTOM MADE Film Photo Tool

  2. 10" x 12" Film Photomask

    Film 9" x 12" Photomask

    Emulsion Film Photomask 
    9" x 12" x 0.007" (L x W x D)
    225mm x 300mm x 0.018mm

  3. 12" x 15" Film Photomask

    Film 12" x 18" Photomask

    Emulsion Film Photomask 
    12" x 18" x 0.007" (L x W x D)
    300mm x 450mm x 0.018mm

  4. 20" x 24" Film Photomask

    Film 20" x 24" Photomask

    Emulsion Film Photomask 
    20" x 24" x 0.007" (L x W x D)
    508mm x 609mm x 0.018mm

  5. 24" x 36" Film Photomask

    Film 28" x 32" Photomask

    Emulsion Film Photomask 
    28" x 32" x 0.007" (L x W x D)
    710mm x 810mm x 0.018mm

5 Item(s)

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